Syncing Scrivener with your iPad

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Syncing Scrivener with your iPad

Some people really like writing on an iPad. Many of them love Scrivener. Unfortunately Scrivener ist not available for iOS. Not yet. But it is in developement. Until its release let’s have a look at an alternative sync method to connect Scrivener with an iOS texteditor with the help of Dropbox. Using this combination writers are able to write either on the Mac with Scrivener itself, or on their iPad with the changes immediately showing up after the Dropbox sync.

What do I need?

  • Scrivener
  • iPad
  • a Dropbox enabled Texteditor for iOS like:
    • Nocs
    • iA Writer
    • WriteUp
    • Writing Kit
    • Nebulous
    • a Dropbox account (a free account does the job perfectly)

How is it working?

  • Create a dropbox account an install the dropbox agent on your computer.
  • Create a folder within the Dropbox for your project.
  • Open Scrivener create a new project and save it in a appropriate place.
  • Goto File->Sync->Sync with external folder…
  • Set the path to the folder in the dropbox
  • Set the output format to TXT
  • Click on “Sync” and Scrivener will create TXT files in this folder. One for any section in the project
  • Install one of the texteditors obove on your iPad and enable the dropbox link. Open the TXT file you want to edit.
  • After editing safe it and make sure the file was synced to the dropbox.
  • Open Scrivener again and it will tell you that changes were made. These were already
    integrated in your project. That’s it.



iA Writer


Writing Kit



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2 Gedanken zu „Syncing Scrivener with your iPad

  1. Thanks for this, it’s great! I managed to set it up and use it while travelling. Only one problem: when I synced back to my Mac, I lost roughly 5% of my footnotes. PlainText, obviously doesn’t have a footnote function, but I can’t make any connection between the footnotes I lost (scattered throughout the doc) and anything I did in PlainText. Any thoughts?

  2. Sorry no. But as you said this is a matter of the format limitations of plain text. I’m very careful with footnotes and when I have to use the iPad – iMac Sync in a project I decide before I begin with it to to all the notes inline with brackets, esp. (Note: This is a example note). But they work on a official iPad version. So the problems of vanishing footnotes will end soon. 🙂
    Thanks for dropping a comments here.

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